Skin Care

Lisa is a registered stockist of the natural skincare range by The Jojoba Company, Australia.

Each product is based on jojoba (spoken “ho-ho-ba”).  It is a very special and unique skincare range as it contains skin benefiting properties like no other plant on earth; completely from nature, this product will fulfil your different family needs—from baby oil, or blemish control to pampering mature skin.

No chemicals, no animal testing, no animal derivatives, no artificial fragrances, no petrochemicals, no perfumes…only goodness!

Research has confirmed that the wax ester produced by the jojoba bean is similar to the protective wax produced by human skin that helps keep it smooth, supple and moisturised.  Jojoba mimics the skin’s natural oils and can penetrate deep into the skin layers.  Jojoba is the only plant on earth known to produce this unique golden liquid wax.

You won’t be disappointed as these products really do meet their claims, and is Lisa’s one and only personal skincare choice for good reason.

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